The company was set up in March 2013 as a joint-venture of two Nordic companies Cramo and Ramirent to represent their interests in Russia.

FORTRENT offers its customers flexible and efficient rental solutions and provides a multi-purpose fleet of machinery and equipment.

The broad range of machinery and equipment offered by FORTRENT includes: light equipment and tools, generators and heating equipment, electric plants, construction machinery, lifts, formwork, scaffolding, modular spaces, etc. The essential component of our business is a comprehensive approach coupled with wide range of follow-up services: hot rent, delivery, installation, custom-made projects, guarantee service and 24/7 maintenance.

FORTRENT employs about 300 people and operates 14 leasing centres which are located in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhniy Novgorod, Ekaterinburg. Also, the company has more than 10 regional offices.

FORTRENT’s headquarters is located in St Petersburg.

About Ramirent

Ramirent is a leading general equipment rental company in the Nordic countries as well as in Central and Eastern Europe where it operates 400+ leasing centres. It was founded in Finland and its roots go back to 1955. The first regional office in Russia was opened in 1988.

About Cramo

Cramo is the second biggest European company in terms of the scope of services offered. Cramo operates in 14 countries with 400+ depots and offices. It was founded and Finland and its roots go back to 1953. The first regional office in Russia was opened in 1991.

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