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1. What is SpeakUp?

SpeakUp is the service provided by independent company InTouch, which offers a confidential reporting system. With the help of SpeakUp you can make your senior management aware of serious workplace concerns which you are uncomfortable about raising in any other way. You can send your message anonymously if you wish.

2. Why do we use SpeakUp?

SpeakUp allows to protect the FORTRENT Company and its’ employees from possible fraudulent, unethical or unlawful conduct, which may have adverse consequences for employees and / or reputation of FORTRENT

3. What should I report?

You can make a report in case of:

  • fraud / corruption
  • intimidation, harassment, discrimination and abusive behavior, you have witnessed at work
  • improper accounting
  • theft, damage or misuse of Company property
  • other criminal activities
  • risks to health and safety
  • harming the environment
  • unethical behavior
  • violation of rules for use of e-mail or the website of the company
  • damage to the reputation of the company FORTRENT

4. Should I provide evidence?

FORTRENT does not imply that you have irrefutable evidence of improper behavior or dishonesty about which you are reporting. However, we would like you to explain the reasons for your concern. FORTRENT will investigate all incoming complaints.

5. How does it work?

You can contact SpeakUp:

  • By the telephone:
    To leave the message on your native language you should dial free number 810 800 2258 1044, after that dial access code 36788, push the button # and then listen simple instructions. This number can be unavailable for mobile phones.
  • Through the website InTouch:
    You can leave the confidential message on website InTouch:. For doing this you should sign up on page www.speak-up.info/fortrent-rus, input the access code 36788 and after this you will be able to leave a message on your native language.

When you use the SpeakUp service you will be given a unique case number and password that you will need to read the reply from your organisation or to leave further information. SpeakUp service is available 24/7.

6. What information should I provide appealing to SpeakUp

When making your report please try and answer as many of the questions below as you can in ‎your message, this will help your organisation to address your concerns as quickly and ‎effectively as possible:

  • What has happened?‎
  • Where and when did it happened?‎
  • Who was involved? ‎
  • Have you told anyone else about it?‎

7. How should I prepare before leaving message?

Preparing to leave a message, it is advisable to write down the main points (in paragraph 6), about which you would like to tell us before you call or leave a message through the InTouch website.

8. What will happen with my report after I send it?

The message will be promptly transmitted to the FORTRENT internal audit department, which will launch an investigation, without compromising anyone. During 10 working days, you will receive a response that your report is considered by department of internal audit. If necessary, you may be requested additional information.

Department of internal audits will discuss the information received from you with the most suitable person (an employee or an independent expert).

9. Can anything happen to me after I leave the message?

FORTRENT policy provides that person who in good faith has sent a message, will not face prosecution. SpeakUp service is completely confidential.

Your voice message will be printed, translated by InTouch if necessary and then erased. If you leave message on the InTouch website, your email address will not be recorded. Employees will never hear your voice and will not know your e-mail address; no one will try to identify you.

10. How do I receive an answer to my report?

You just use SpeakUp service by phone or via the website for each repeated reference to get an answer or leave further information. You only need to enter your unique case number (in accordance with paragraph 5). This is a simple and secure way.

If you leave your name and contact information, you can be contacted by the Internal audit department. If you want to keep your privacy, we guarantee it.

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