Constant quality control and guarantee of safe equipment operation are critical in the leasing business. Identification and elimination of possible risks is a very important component in FORTRENT's business processes. We are constantly training our employees in how to ensure safe equipment operation and provide safety manuals to our customers. A comprehensive approach to the provision of services to our customers includes follow-up, which means:

Service support available 24/7

FORTRENT service support is available 24/7. If you have any questions relating to the rented equipment and machinery, contact our service support available 24/7 (not weekends or holidays) to get qualified and informative answers. This kind of service is meant to ensure smooth and efficient relations with our customers.

Phone numbers for our service support:

  • St Petersburg: +7 812 449-57-97
  • Moscow: +7 495 651-68-71

Installation supervision

This kind of service is required during installation of construction machinery such as transport platforms and mast-climbing work platforms. Our technical specialist trains the customer's installation team and supervises the installation process.

Equipment installation

Our specialists can mount equipment on site. Once the operating readiness certificate is signed, the equipment is handed over to the customer.

Technical support

You may need this kind of service for example when formwork is rented: we prepare drawings, calculate loads, equipment and give recommendations for safe operation.

Guarantee service

The guarantee and post-guarantee service is done by certified engineers. Our company has a large stock of spare parts for all rented equipment and machinery. Thanks to this, the time for repair is only 1-2 days, or 2-3 weeks in the event that the parts are delivered from Germany. For the period of repair, we can rent out the same or equal equipment.


Fortrent managers can consult you on applications of construction equipment, technical features and the reliability of machinery offered by different manufacturers.

Power supply

Within the scope of this comprehensive service, we provide a diesel generator (60-715 kW) manned by our operator, diesel fuel (ready-filled in the machine) and a fuel tank. We also provide regular maintenance of the generator while it is in operation. If you rent the diesel generator and order extra services relating to the power supply, we make available 3 operators who will work at the job site in shifts of 24 hours. They will constantly monitor the fuel level as well as the technical condition of the generator. The main objective of Fortrent is to ensure continuous power supply at the project.

Our managers will calculate the cost of this service which, among other things, depends on the number of machine hours of the diesel generator.

Fuel delivery

Upon request, FORTRENT provides a hot rent option, i.e. the equipment and machinery is rented out together with fuel. This option ensures high quality and efficiency of operations at the construction site. We have a dedicated truck fleet so we can deliver the fuel at any time together with the ordered equipment or without it. Ordering fuel combined with equipment and machinery rental is the best solution to ensure the continuous operations of your company. This comprehensive approach optimises the operations of our customers and helps them to avoid having relations with several suppliers at a time. We deliver only top-grade diesel fuel at affordable prices.

Our operators

FORTRENT is committed to optimising the business of our customers and offers to rent equipment and machinery together with an operator. Further to equipment and machinery, we can make available highly-qualified operators trained to work with any kind of machinery. This option will speed up your processes, deliver high-standard and efficient results and ensure a high level of safety.

Back-up equipment and machinery

In addition to equipment and machinery, we can provide back-up equipment which will be operated only during downtime. This option will help you to avoid issues relating to accidental failures of machinery. We provide the back-up equipment and machinery at big discounts.

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